Finding the perfect hairstylist is more like finding the right date. You get into a relationship but it usually doesn’t turn out into a successful relationship. But don’t give up! We’re here to help in finding a perfect hairstylist that can meet all of your hair care need and make you fabulous! Here are some tips which will help you in finding the perfect hairstylist for you:

Research Is Key

The most effective way to find the perfect hairstylist is by doing research.  Start by finding the best salons in your area. You should then do research specifically on the hair stylists of every salon. Check out their websites and social media networks to see the previous work of the hair stylists. If their work is attracting you and you feel like the stylist can fulfill your hair needs, just note it down.  Compare the best ones in the end and choose a one. If you are interested in finding a specific stylist beside the salons, do check the geotags of salons, or hashtags such as #besthairstylist or #professionalhairstylist to find out the perfect hair stylist of your choice

Plan a Consultation

Setup a consultation. You can get to know a lot of things by meeting the stylist in person. Doing a consultation with a stylist is an effective way of knowing them without making any commitment. A consultation helps the stylist in understanding your hair type, texture, your hair needs, and about your hair care routine. In a consultation, you can tell the stylist about your hair type, and color. It is always beneficial to take the pictures along with you to show the stylist exactly what you want. Whenever you visit the stylists, be open to new suggestions. The sign of a good hair stylist is that he/she don’t hesitate in making suggestions and let you know about the alternatives if a hairstyle or technique may not work best with your hair. This relationship is a two-way street so it’s good to meet your stylist before making any commitment.

Discuss a Plan

Another sign of a good hair stylist is that he/she truly cares about your hair.  They will try everything to keep your hair in an excellent condition. Whenever you meet a hair stylist, take notice if they are taking interest in your hair. A good stylist will  recommend hair products to you and come up with a plan to maintain your  extensions and natural hair. You’re in this for the long haul so it’s very important for you to find a stylist that can make the condition of your hair better.

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